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Authors’ FAQ:

May I write about what I want and how I want?

The answer to that question is yes and no. Gate Way Publishers will not publish anything that promotes violence, incest, bestiality or pornography. The lists of genre cover almost all categories. There are ideas for stories that may end up creating new categories. Go for it!

Will an editorial staff member read my submission before it is accepted?

Yes. As with any publishing company or house, your manauscript will be read and evaluated before acceptance. Usual publishing procedures will be followed.

Will ISBN numbers be assigned to the e-books?

No ISBN numbers will be assigned currently. This may change in the future. However, as epublishing is a new industry, new standards and tracking are being considered within the industry. We will keep you informed about these important changes.

Are Paranormal and Ghost Stories the same?

At first glance it may appear that paranormal and ghost stories are the same. However, on a broader context, they are not. Ghost usually denotes an identifiable entity, meaning it is an entity. The exploration or search as to who and why becomes the fun part of the ghost story.

Paranormal on the other hand, often is considered a gray area. Perhaps it is such because it may include energies unknown to us. Historically, I’m sure that what we now call microwaves were once part of the paranormal energy spectrum. Solar flare-ups cause weather disruptions. Unusual weather patterns, once thought strange can now be tracked to solar flare-ups.

Magnetic pockets are often sources of intensive physical healing. Many churches or cathedrals are built on sites known by tribes or cultures to be places of magic and healing. Nowadays we would not be surprised to find the site has strong magnetic action. So your healing is jump-started by a good magnetic jolt! Other times it may be that such strong magnetic forces are just what your body needs to get the message through and yes, you can walk, albeit wobbly t first. The blind seeing is probably the most amazing event. Since sight difficulties often involve or result in damage to the sight mechanism(s) it can seem a miracle when a sightless person is able to see after visiting a place of miracles.

How does Technology fit into our changing world?

Technology would be a broader umbrella than mere machines. This would not refer to the Industrial Revolution or machine that replaces a human action. Rather, as an example, let us use the transistor. Where did the transistor technology come from? Was it indeed, back-engineered from a spacecraft downed by military gunfire or a crashed space vehicle? It does seem that all of a sudden it was there. Was there a series of discoveries or developments that acted as a segue for the transistor?

Huge computer processors that once filled floors of office buildings are now a small unit by a wall. Processors the size of a pinhead or the width of a strand of hair now exist. I would venture to say that nothing is impossible. The attitude of exploration and invention still exists! the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!