Manuscripts should be saved in MS Word (DOC) or Rich Text (RTF) format. Use the first initial of your first name, followed by your full last name as the file name. A properly named file would look like this — tjohnson.doc. Please do not name your manuscript “submission.doc” — such a generically named file can be easily overlooked.

Your DOC or RTF file should be sent as an email attachment — do not send the manuscript in the body of your email message. The body of the email should contain only the following information: your legal name, pen name (if applicable), phone number, email address, manuscript title, file name, format (DOC or RTF) and the word processing program/version number used to create your manuscript.

If we decide to review your manuscript for possible e-publication, we will ask you to send it as an email attachment. We will accept manuscripts through snail mail, but they must be in either MS Word or Rich Text format on an IBM-formatted floppy disk.

Manuscripts should be formatted as follows:

— Do not use “macros” of any kind when saving your manuscript.|
— Use Times Roman (or a similar serif font) in 12 pt size.
— Do not use special symbols or characters.
— Use two spaces at the end of a sentence.
— Use single spacing.
— Margins should be ragged right. (Do not justify the margins.)
— Use word wrap. (Do not use hard returns at the end of each line.)
— Paragraphs should be indented using tabs, not the spacebar.
— The tab indent should be at position 0.3″.
— Use italics in place of underlines.
— Do not use footers and headers.
— Place nonfiction citations, footnotes and references at the end of chapters.
— Do not use page numbers.
— Chapter names/numbers should be bolded and centered.
— End the manuscript with the words “end” or “the end.”

Manuscripts not formatted in the above-mentioned manner will be returned for revision. If you need to send a hard copy, printed version of your work, please notify us and we will send specific instructions.

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